A Guide to Huawei Optical Transceivers: OMXD30000

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Get to know more about Huawei Optical Transceivers and their features with this comprehensive guide! Learn everything from connections to compatibility in this detailed post.

In today’s digital world, reliable and high-speed data transmission is critical for businesses to function efficiently. To meet this requirement, Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, offers a range of optical transceivers. One such efficient device is the OMXD30000 Huawei optical transceiver.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the Huawei optical transceiver, explore its features, and explain why it’s an excellent choice for businesses looking to build high-speed data networks within their data centres.

What Is the Huawei Optical Transceiver?

The Huawei OMXD30000 multi-mode optical transceiver is designed for short-range fibre connections within data centres, providing fast and reliable data transmission at a distance of up to 300 meters.

This module uses an 850nm laser diode to transmit data, and its LC connector makes it easy to connect with compatible devices.

What Is an Optical Transceiver?

An optical transceiver, sometimes called a fibre optic transceiver, is an interconnect component that can transmit and receive data.

It consists of two main parts: a transmitter and a receiver. It uses fibre optic technology to convert electrical signals to light signals and vice versa.

Quick Specs of Huawei Optical Transceiver

Product Code


Transceiver form factor


Transmission speed

10 Gbit/s

Center wavelength (nm)


Standard compliance


Connector type


Applicable cable 

 1.4 km

Transmit power (dBm)

-8.2 to +0.5

Maximum receiver sensitivity (dBm)


Overload power (dBm)


Extinction ratio (dB)


Operating temperature

-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

Key Features of the Huawei Optical Transceiver

Are you in the market for high-quality optical transceivers? Look no further than Huawei's OMXD30000.

Take a closer look at the following features to see what makes Huawei’s optical transceivers so great and why they should be at the top of your list:

  1. The Huawei OMXD30000 module has a high data transfer rate. With a maximum data transfer rate of 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), this module can quickly and efficiently transmit large amounts of data over short distances.
  2. It’s an ideal solution for high-performance computing, data storage, and other applications that require high-speed data transfer.
  3. They use advanced signal processing algorithms and error correction technologies to ensure that data is transmitted with high accuracy and minimal loss.
  4. They also feature a built-in digital diagnostic monitoring interface that allows network administrators to monitor the performance of the transceivers in real-time, making troubleshooting and network maintenance services a breeze.
  5. Huawei optical transceiver has multimode support. It can work with both OM3 and OM4 multimode fibres, allowing it to be used in a variety of network configurations.
  6. The flexible nature of this product makes it a versatile choice for high-speed networking environments such as data centres, interconnects, and storage area networks (SANs).
  7. The Huawei optical transceiver meets industry standards with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, CE certification, FCC certification, RoHS compliance, and REACH compliance. 

What Sets Huawei Optical Transceivers Apart From Its Competitors?

Huawei's optical transceivers are incredibly versatile. They support a wide range of data rates and are compatible with a variety of networking equipment

The Huawei OMXD30000 SFP+ multimode transceiver is highly reliable. It has been designed to meet rigorous industry standards and is tested extensively before it leaves the factory. This ensures that it will provide consistent and dependable performance over the long term, even in demanding network environments.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Huawei's optical transceivers is their impressive range. They can transmit data over distances of up to 80 kilometres, depending on the type of optical fibre used. This makes them ideal for long-distance networking applications, such as connecting data centres or linking remote offices.

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Choose Huawei Optical Transceiver 

Overall, OMXD30000 Huawei optical transceiver is an excellent choice for businesses looking to build high-speed data networks within their data centres with minimum network maintenance services.

They offer an unbeatable combination of versatility, reliability, and range, making them the perfect choice for many networking companies in Oman.

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