Advantages of Pairing Your Access Control System and CCTV Camera Setup

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Want to boost security and keep an eye on your property? Check out the advantages of pairing your access control system and CCTV cameras.

Did you know that an access control system and a CCTV camera setup are two critical components of a robust security system?

Although a CCTV camera setup helps monitor and record any activity for a specific area, an access control system can limit entrance to the said area. The combination of these two methods creates a strong security solution that has a number of advantages.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of integrating a CCTV camera system with an access control system and how it can enhance your security and create a safer environment.

4 Benefits of Combining Access Control System and CCTV Camera Setup

Here are four benefits of integrating an access control system and a CCTV camera setup.

1. Time-Stamped Access Control

Combining an access control system with a CCTV camera setup produces access point timestamps. This means every time someone enters or leaves the building, a timestamp is created, which can be compared to their access control credentials.

This feature is helpful in detecting security breaches and illegal access attempts. They make it possible for security staff to identify if a person who enters and exits a property matches their access control credentials.

With this knowledge, the security team can take quick action to stop any security breaches and keep the facility safe.

2. Catching Trespassers

Security personnel can recognize unwanted visitors thanks to modern CCTV systems with artificial intelligence that can determine whether a person's face matches the issued access credentials.

The device has the ability to trigger an alarm or notify security personnel if an anomaly is found (such as a mismatched face).

By discouraging credential sharing, you can lower the risk associated with lost or stolen admission cards or fobs (fobs and key cards are electronic devices that allow authorized users to enter).

With the help of this cutting-edge technology, security professionals may identify possible security breaches immediately and take appropriate action, increasing facility security as a whole.

3. Stopping Tailgaters 

Integrating an access control system with a CCTV camera is an effective way to detect tailgating incidents. In such scenarios, an authorized person enters a facility, followed closely by one or more unauthorized individuals.

While access control alone may not detect this, the combination of CCTV and access control allows for easy identification of tailgating.

An alarm can be triggered, or an alert can be sent to security staff, allowing for swift action to be taken to prevent a high-risk security breach. This proactive approach to security can help maintain the safety of a facility and its occupants.

4. Shifting from Reactive to Proactive Security

You can make your security system proactive by integrating an access control system with a CCTV camera. Checking for problems and taking swift action is more efficient than dealing with problems after a major security breach.

The combination of an access control system with a CCTV camera allows for the early detection and resolution of possible difficulties.

Due to the system's ability to recognize and respond to security risks in real-time, this strategy may even reduce the need for round-the-clock security staff.

Elevate Your Security: Combine Your Access Control System and CCTV Camera Setups

Security threats can take you by surprise, so it’s always good to stay one step ahead. By combining an access control system with a CCTV camera system, you can take advantage of features such as access point timestamps, unauthorized entrant detection, and stopping tailgaters.

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