Angekis Blade 4K Product

Angekis Blade 4K
As the name might suggest, the Blade 4K camera is an upgrade of the standard Angekis Blade designed for those who need the highest quality of images. Equipped with 5 times 4K zoom, the camera can deliver exceptional 4K resolution at 30FPS, or full HD at 60 FPS. What’s more, the wide-angle field of view helps to ensure that everyone in the room gets to be part of a single stunning image. Introducing Angekis The Angekis PTZ Video Conferencing Camera range brings you crisp, clear HD plug and play video quality using the USB port of your Mac or PC. No need for PCI cards or additional hardware/software.

Logitech, the popular video and audio company, recently introduced the “Logitech MeetUp 4K ConferenceCam”, a high-def conference room solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The secret to success with this new camera are its collection of rich features, including custom-tuned speakers, and 120-degree field-of-view lens. Since the 4K ConferenceCam was specifically designed for huddle spaces, it makes sense to define the “huddle” for our non-US audience. A gather is basically a group of two to six people that sit in a meeting room all facing the same camera. It’s not the sort of conference where you might use multiple microphones or cameras.