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Here’s a list of premium biometric access control system technologies we provide.

Facial Recognition in Oman
Facial Recognition

Our facial recognition biometric access control system is a secure and reliable way to manage access to your property. With advanced technology that can recognize faces with high accuracy, you can ensure that only authorized individuals enter your premises.

Fingerprint Scanning in oman
Fingerprint Scanning

Our fingerprint-scanning biometric access control system assures that everyone accessing your work environment is fully authorized via easy-to-use technology that doubles as a quick security measure.

Card Readers in muscat oman
Card Readers

Our easy-to-use card reader access control system is a reliable and efficient way to manage access to your property. They allow you to quickly grant or revoke access to individuals as needed.

Fingerprint Guard Patrol in muscat oman
Fingerprint Guard Patrol

Protect your property with state-of-the-art fingerprint guard patrol. This innovative gadget is perfect for businesses, homes, and institutions that require an advanced security solution to protect their premises.

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Secure your property with the Fingerprint Guard Patrol, the ultimate biometric security device that offers real-time monitoring, advanced reporting features, and a user-friendly interface.


StorageCapacity: 60,000pieces

Battery: 3.7V lithium rechargeable battery

Voice prompt, Biometric Fingerprint

Impact detect, Flashlight, Pedo meter

200 groups alarm clock

Magnetic connection cable

Highlighted OLED display with time and temperature

123Khz card & Bluetooth card reading

Biometric Attendance System

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