Best Hybrid Solar Power System solutions and Outdoor UPS for CCTV security Cameras

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We at Concept Technologies LLC Muscat provides an Outdoor UPS / Hybrid Solar Power system for CCTV which is designed to work in most harsh environment to power field electronics installed in remote locations where stable power options are not available.

Concept Technologies LLC’s Innovative & modular design ensures IP54 protections against dust and ingress of water, rain, sleet, snow, splashing water etc. Totally gasket doors with two point locking and isolated cable entries provides best performance even in harsh environments. Filtered inlet of fresh air supported by roof canopy integrated fan system ensures forced ventilation to all components inside the enclosure. Modular bottom tray is designed to offer desired interfaces with industrial grade outdoor connectors allow users to enjoy plug & play connectivity without opening the base.

The product has CPU intelligent control which combines the functionality of Solar controller and Inverter UPS in one unit with pure sine wave output, low loss, high conversion efficiency and reliability.

Technical Characteristics

ü  Dual Mounting Options for Rugged Installation :

-         Outdoor UPS

-         Outdoor SOLAR UPS

ü  Automatic Source Recognition :

-         At night time, it will automatically switch to the Mains power priority mode. Mains prioritize the power supply and automatically monitoring battery state to decide whether to charge the battery or not.

-         During the day time, it automatically switch to solar priority mode, the battery charging and load power supplying.

ü  When Solar voltage is higher than Battery bank, the inverter mode will  be selected intelligently by the machine. Load will be supplied directly  using Solar energy and the charging the battery will be taken place at the same time.

ü  When the Solar energy is not enough to cater the load, the machine will automatically switch to combo mode and Solar with battery bank will feed required load.

ü  When solar existing and battery voltage down to low voltage protection value, mains supply power to load (but mains don't charge the battery), solar on the battery charging.

ü  When the battery voltage is lower than the low voltage protection value, the machine will automatically switch to Direct Mains supply power to the load intelligently and charging the battery at the same time to ensure the enhance service life of the battery.

ü  Auto protection function :

-         Over voltage protection

-         Temperature protection

-         AC input under voltage protection

-         AC input over voltage protection

-         Inverter output short-circuit protection

-          Inverter output overload protection.

ü  Inverter external RS232 communication (optional).

ü  LCD display real-time view of the inverter working condition.

ü  Intelligent BMS system for management and protection ensures.

ü  High precision voltage and current sampling.

ü  The smart battery balance management

Outdoor UPS / Solar Batteries

Concept Technologies LLC is a leading provider of wide range of modern technology power products such as Outdoor UPS / Solar Batteries, Solar Charge Controllers etc. in the Sultanate of Oman.

Outdoor UPS & Solar Systems are the most demanding applications for the battery and the selection of the right battery for the right application is of utmost importance in order to maximize the battery life. Batteries are subjected to high and low temperatures, unpredictable charging, daily cycling as well as potentially partial states of charges.

Performance Features:

v  Robust, safe and reliable

v  Suitable for PSOC and deep discharge

v  Unique heavy duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids to increase cyclic life in tropical environments.

v  Low self-discharge rates ensures high charge retention

v  Design Float life of 10 years.

v  Clean and sleek looks.

v  Higher AH and WH efficiency.

v   Longer service life.