Meaning, Types and Specification of PA (Public Address) System

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What is PA System (Public Addressing System)? A Public Address system (or PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment.

The public addressing (PA) system includes the following

  • Wireless Microphone System
  • Amplifiers
  • Wall Mount Speakers
  • Conference System

Our ideal solutions for small-to-midsized locations focus on versatility, reliability and ease of use for our customers. Our solutions are used to provide effective control on sound for public address and background systems. Below are some of our solution applications.

Uncompromising quality along with affordability, ensures an insuperable proposition for a wide variety of public address applications such as:

  •    Offices / Conference Rooms
  •    Airports / Railway Stations / Bus Terminals
  •    Places of Worship
  •    Auditoria / Theatres / Studios
  •    Sport Venues / Stadiums
  •    Hospitals
  •    Educational Institutions
  •    Hotels / Restaurants / Bars / Food Joints
  •    Shopping Malls / Large format retail
  •    Public Gatherings / Stage Shows / Concerts
  •    DJs
  •    Factories / Commercial Buildings
  •    Parking Lots / Petrol Pumps / Toll Plazas
  •    Amusement Parks & many more

Main specifications to determine the capabilities of a speaker


This shows the possible volume and clearness of the speaker. The higher the wattage, the stronger it can get and as a general rule, the more headroom it has. This implies you can create sound at stronger volumes without it beginning to separate and get fluffy.

Size & weight 

Speakers are estimated in creeps over distance across. The bigger the speaker, the more extensive the sound becomes. There's normally a connection among's size and weight. However, weight can likewise differ in light of the different sorts of woods and materials used to house the speaker.

Sound quality 

Likewise with whatever other sort of melodic gear, there is a recognizable relationship among's cost and sound quality. An artist would esteem lucidity and definition over teachers or health specialists who might need something more basic. Consequently you could forfeit some movability or smallness over quality, or the other way around.

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