SMATV(Satellite Master Antenna Television) System

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Meaning of SMATV System SMATV is Satellite Master Antenna Television or Single Master Antenna Television. SMATV is for controlling and supplying the number and type of channels to multiple television not only for TV channels but FM channels as well. It is a small scale TV solution for hotels, Hospitals etc.

SMATV system are typically used in Apartments, Hotels and Hospitals.

There are several methods of distribution that are used in a SMATV head-end

  1. IPTV (Internet Protocol) TV systems
  2. L-BAND satellite TV distribution
  3. COM1000 Pro: Idiom Encrypted HD Head-end

1. Trans modulation from satellite quaternary phase shift keying QPSK to quadrature amplitude modulation QAM

2. Direct distribution of QPSK

In the United States, the satellite carriers providing the satellite TV signal for SMATV headend systems are:

·                   DirecTV

·                   Dish Network SMATV



The Contractor shall supply, install, test, guarantee and maintain a Modern Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) system for the distribution of combined IF - RF signals.

The system shall be capable of receiving and distributing the present Satellite, television as listed with sufficient allowances made to include any future transmissions within the foreseeable future without degrading of the system parameters. 


Different Types of SMATV system

1.  IF System :  This system is basically distribute the Signal from different satellite to all the TV   points in the building.

Advantage of IF Distribution:

  • Possible to watch a lot of Channels.
  • Subscribe the pay TV channels individually

2.    RF system : RF system is the oldest distributing Chanel. We can connect the TV directly to the wall socket and tune the channels.


Advantage of RF Distribution:

  • In house channels can be added in the system
  • The channels can be tuned directly on the TV

3.    Digital Cable TV Systems: The digital cable TV system utilizes the latest technology called QAM/COFDM technology. The digital cable TV system is like an RF system but it has more advantages than RF system.

Advantage of Digital Cable TV Systems

  • The picture quality in all the TV’s will be perfect
  • The HD channel distribution is possible in the system


4.    IPTV Systems: IPTV System is the advanced and latest TV System available in the market. A middle ware server will be added to the system to make it possible to add a lot of interactive services along with channels.


Interactive services are:

  1. Personalized channel list
  2. Internet browsing
  3. Messaging via TV
  4. Video on demand service

IPTV Advantages:


  • The system gives HD reception in all TV points
  • The system offers a  lot of interactive services


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