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The Concept Technologies LLC mission is to design the world’s most innovative products that provide an always-on reliable products for Voice, Data & Video transmission in harsh environmental conditions.

The Concept Technologies LLC Ultra-Compact Magic Box is World's Smallest fully Integrated Outdoor POE (Power over Ethernet)

Extender housed in water proof Enclosure. The product is designed to support Outdoor POE Equipment’s up to 300 meters from the nearest network point.

The product can be used to Power multiple devices using single POE uplink.

The Concept Technologies LLC POE Injector Kit, the product can support up to 3 POE ports with 30W (POE+) devices.  On request the model can also be offered with onboard 12V POE uplink Port for Wireless connectivity to other remote locations.


The Product is housed in very compact fully water proof enclosure with Industrial Grade Components with very high POE Power Budget. Each Port is capable to deliver up to 60W+ POE Power.

Technical Specifications


Ultra-Compact Magic Box

POE Port

Up Link

Network/POE Port

POE Standard

                                                                   Model Specific

POE Distance (Default)

100 meters

POE Power Pin

4/5 +ve, 7/8 -ve

Network Medium

10/100BASE-TX:5 class and above non shielded twisted pair

Forwarding Mode

Store and forward

Forwarding Rate


MAC Address

MAC address table 1K



Port Function

Power priority mechanism.

fast and forward,

MAC automatic learning and aging

IEEE802.3X Full-duplex and mode

and back pressure for Half-duplex mode



Working Environmental

Working temperature: -10°- 70°C

Product Weight

3000.00 Grams

Product Size

250 (H) x 200 (W) x150 (D) mm w/o Mounting brackets